Paulo Carvalho was born in Brazil and lived in Europe and Asia for many years.

He now lives in the USA and is a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States.

He started art classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden as well as the New York Botanical Garden where he attended botanical drawing and botanical watercolor classes. 
After experimenting with watercolor for a while he decided to porsue his dream of learning how to paint with oil. 
He attended several still life classes with the renowned teacher Diane Rath. After the passing of Mrs. Rath, he continued studying still life painting with Michael Van Zeyl at the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago and with David Jamieson at the Vitruvian Art Studio.

He found his great passion when he attended several plein air workshops with the great American painter Erik Koeppel as well as Lauren Sansaricq in New Hampshire and New York.



‚Äč-Chicago Botanic Garden

-"Sights of Evanston" - Noyes Cultural Art  Center. Evanston

-"Culture Bridge Exhibition" - Scharpenberg  Gallery - Dank House - Chicago

- Prairie Center for the Arts - Schaumburg

- Zhou Brothers Art Center - Chicago

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